Friday, August 26, 2011


Criticizing people could sometimes be fun, but very irritating and annoying when too much. It’s human’s second nature to criticize. Well, actually there’s nothing wrong in criticizing as long as you keep it to yourself or you do it in a very ethical and respective manner (yeah, ethical). But when you hear people overly doing it, for the sake of having fun, or for the sake of having someone to laugh at.. It’s just, ugh, pretty annoying. I speak of this because I was once (oh, not only once) in the shoes of those bad critics, that now I really hate. Making fun of people is really FUN but only to a certain extent. Yeah, I’ve done it, and there are times I still do it... I make fun of people.. I bully people.. Who else has not? But when the time comes that it’s you being stabbed at your back, you will feel like shit.. How can you defend yourself, if most people surrounding you are trying to pull you down? What can you do if the words they speak against you influence the impression of the others? Words could be very powerful.. It can ruin everyone. Even friendship! Yeah, that’s life…. So sad! :(

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