Friday, March 11, 2011

sleepless nights..

When you hear the word thesis, probably you'll be thinking of this words: pahirap sa college life, nakakpagod, nakkapuyat, nakakpanget! But behind those negative words, masaya rin naman siya.. Especially when i remember our sleepless hyper nights (dahil sa kapeng parang shabu). I know mas maraming overnights p ang ddting. Thank God we have these pai machete love team- source of entertainment while doing thesis! hehe (peace)..
hmmmm anywaysssssss, if you pass, magdiwang ka na! if you fail, there's always summer classes or if you want "next year".. Don't lose hope. it's all part of growing up. This is one of a kind experience.. and we're just beginning... - PAMPALUBAG LOOB KO SA SRILI KO.. T___________T. err!

1 comment:

  1. sleepless nights pero ang picture mga tulog hahahah