Friday, May 7, 2010

Happiness is a Choice (don't know if the title really suits the content, just read)

While surfing the net about something related to "where can one find happiness", i found this line: "Happiness is a choice, we make it".. Initial reaction was "Yeah, i know right. We could be happy if we want to. :)"

I remember one instance wherein i feel very sad, miserable and whatever adjective synonymous to these words. Well, it's my fault anyway. There are times that i still think about him (whoever he is, it's nobody's concern) and what he did to me months ago (don't wanna talk about it here *wink* haha). Then i "texted" a good friend of mine just to seek comfort. She just simply replied, "Ganyan talaga.. Now you're okay,the next day you're not, itawa mo na lang". I took her advice literally. I tried to laugh, and of course it sounds fake!! (like >> HAHAHAHA:)) ). I realized i look stupid laughing alone. But looking stupid made me laugh for real. haha yay! I'm happy!!.

What i'm trying say is that whenever you're lonely because of the "never ending problems" you have.. Just laugh! Don't punish yourself, because even if you locked yourself in your room, or you go out and get drunk, or you starve yourself, things won't change.. After all, it will remain a problem. So why waste an effort depressing yourself.. Laugh instead. Life is too short. SMILE and have fun!

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